5 Android secrets 80% of users don’t know about

Perhaps now it is impossible to find a person in whose pocket would not be a favorite and indispensable smartphone. And while you are unlikely to meet someone who knows all the incredible things that these most useful inventions of mankind are capable of.

Bright Side decided to put an end to this ignorance once and for all and tell you about the 8 most interesting Android features.

      1. Smartphone Remote Control 


Just go to the menu “Settings -> Security -> Device Administrators” and in the “Remote Control of Android” check the box next to the column              “Remote search for devices.” Now if you lose your smartphone, you can recover all the data and block it

        2. Screen magnifier

Visually impaired people do not even realize how much this function can simplify their life. 
Just go to the section “Settings -> Accessibility -> Gestures to enlarge.” 
After that, you can enlarge any part of the display by simply clicking on it.

       3. Control smartphone head movement

Sometimes there are situations when we just need to use our favorite gadget, but our hands are busy or it’s so cold on the street that I don’t really want to take off warm mittens. Well, this problem has a solution! By installing the free EVA Facial Mouse app , you can control your Android device with head movements! Detailed installation instructions

        4. Hidden game

Starting with Android 2.3 Gingerbread, Google places a small gift for users on all Android devices, which is not so easy to find. 
And here is an instruction that will still help you do this. 
Open “Settings” -> “About phone” or “About tablet”. 
Quickly tap the “Android version” item a few times, and when a little marshmallow appears on the screen, quickly tap it a few more times. 
After these steps, a special mini-game will open. 
You have not found her? 
What are you waiting for?

        5. The easiest way to save energy

If you choose a black or other dark background as the wallpaper for your Android device, the automatic pixel back light will turn off and you will notice that the phone or tablet started working without recharging much longer. 
So far, this function does not work on all Android devices, but it is, for example, for most Samsung smartphones. 
Check it out!

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