Customs broker and declarant: whom to choose and what to pay attention to

An entrepreneur starting to work in the field of international trade may need a qualified customs broker or declarant . This is a specialist who will take care of issues related to the registration of products at customs, its declaration, payment of duties and taxes. Having made him an official representative of your company, you can have no doubt in the correctness of filling out the documents, observing all the requirements of the law, and the absence of time and financial costs. The main thing is to cooperate with reliable professionals.

How is a customs broker different from a declarant

Both individuals and legal entities can represent the interests of entrepreneurs at customs. In the first case, it is about customs declarants, in the second – about brokers. The declarant may be not only a third-party specialist, but also an employee of a company that is a participant in foreign economic relations. As for the broker, it is always an intermediary who works with customers under a contract and has a license to carry out such activities.

Specialists of both categories are engaged in customs clearance of exported and imported goods. But the range of services provided by the broker is much wider than that of the declarant. In addition to preparing declarations and representing clients at customs, brokerage organizations also perform the following types of work:

  • execution of accompanying and permits for goods;
  • responsible storage of products;
  • organization of transportation, forwarding;
  • insurance of imported and exported products, equipment, vehicles;
  • appeal of the decisions of the customs office on foreign trade activities, as well as the provision of other legal services.

It is very convenient to cooperate with brokerage organizations, as they provide comprehensive services. But for beginning entrepreneurs, this is not always advisable from an economic point of view.

How to choose a reliable intermediary: basic rules

Regardless of whether you decide to turn to the services of a customs broker or declarant, it is important to choose it correctly. The main parameters that should be taken into account are:

  • The presence of an individual or legal entity licenses and certificates giving the right to work in the field of customs clearance of goods.
  • His reputation and work experience.
  • Pricing and reviews of other customers.
  • The range of services provided by the intermediary, and the guarantees provided by him.

Choosing a declarant or broker with whom you would like to cooperate, be sure to meet with him personally. Having talked with specialists involved in customs clearance of products, you can make an objective idea of ​​the competence and integrity of each of them. And also discuss the conditions of the upcoming cooperation and receive specific answers to all your questions.


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