The things you thought adult life would coexist with

You remember what it was like to be a kid, you feel like you’re not expecting to be an adult? As children, we spent the majority of our childhoods – from infants to adolescents – adorning the adult life, playing dress up so that we could pretend we were adults and even imagine what our life would be like when it came to life. homes, spouses, and jobs, so that as soon as we “all grow up” we can do what we want, without anyone else telling us what to do all the time. Then the day arrives. You’ve arrived! You’re officially developed! Wait, but nothing seems familiar in adult life. You don’t think it would be at all. Adult life is marred by far more rules than you thought, and even though you know that they are not all realistic,i will require.

1. Living in a dream home

Someday, I will have a big house full of everything I would ever want, such as a swimming pool and a private cinema that is fully stocked with popcorn. She will always clean herself up and my friends will stay with me all the time. Although you may have envisioned a slightly different scenario (maybe a cottage in the woods, a cabin overlooking the lush purple mountain, a farm full of your favorite animals, or a seaside house with stunning views of the clear turquoise water) an indefinable house in your mind for your adulthood.

But once you reach adulthood, you realize that your home doesn’t really look like what you thought it would be, sometimes even slightly. Childhood dreams are fantasies we often hold for the rest of our lives, looking back more closely than we might have thought about them in the first place. And while this is perfectly normal and nice, being an adult means understanding the difference between dreams and reality.

2. Noon time and wake up early

Adulthood means that no one tells you what to do and why you imagined complete freedom as being synonymous with adulthood. When you grow up, you can do whatever you want, right? Kids don’t realize that having an adult is actually a lot of work and responsibility, so you probably imagined staying up late every night wanting to wake up at dawn like a clock, even without the help of an alarm because that’s what grandpa does .

We grow to realize that bedtime hasn’t really changed that much. We have become the dark side and disappointed in our childhoods as we increasingly accept that sleep is important for a healthy lifestyle (and sleeping time is probably the only reason you can wake up the next morning ready for the next day). ). In addition, sometimes it’s easier to be productive in the morning, but that doesn’t mean you wake up at sunrise.

3. Just by applying makeup

Young girls have been obsessed with makeup ever since they first watched their mother apply it to the bathroom mirror. They have also decided to see if they can recreate the same look or experiment with other shades as long as mom doesn’t look, only to find that straight-line design and blush blending is actually more difficult than it seems. He probably thought he just had more practice and he knew what he was doing. Yes, that should be, because mothers always know more.

Middle school, high school, and college are then spent trying out different searches, getting tips from friends, attending online tutorials, traveling Pinterest for ideas, and spending hours trying to figure out how to outline without looking behind your mirror. be a clown of your nightmares. When will it finish; Honestly, never. As your skills improve over time, there will always be a new makeup trend for learning.


4. Never deal with pimples again

Adolescence comes with a wealth of formality. Your body is going through crazy changes, your mood is unreal and you feel that everything is starting to stack up against you, especially when you wake up with a huge zit in the daytime image. Back then, it seemed that pimples were just a teenage problem, a horrible feature of the times when the gods hit you and you probably wouldn’t expect to be an adult so you no longer have to deal with the disgusting and at times painful little beast. .

Unfortunately, your acne is well into your 30s and often beyond them. Many adults get pimples even in their 40s and beyond, which often have much to do with genetics as much as stress levels, eating habits and general health. Get rid of zits, as we later realize, is about maintenance, rituals and learning that works best for your skin.

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