Top games for your toddler and now he can play them on TV

Who said video games are just for fun? That is, ok, of course we are talking about entertainment, but when it comes to children’s digital games, then every parent’s priority is their educational potential, right? That is why in the last few years, the video game scene has been a prime target for the development of various children’s abilities, even from pre-school age! Some focus on promoting verbal communication, others focus on children’s motor skills, some focus on strategic thinking and time management, and of course there are those that help young gamers’ cognitive field. And if you could find all of the above in an electronic home appliance that you never even imagined? Yet,

So we’ve outlined for you the top five kids toys your child can play … on your TV!

Save the Puppies

The puppy grabbed all the puppies in the neighborhood and now the little puppies have to free cute puppies from captivity! An interactive adventure, suitable for children from three years old, comprising a total of 150 levels, in which children are invited to navigate colorful mazes, overcome obstacles, use various tools intelligently and earn extra points.


Animals are in danger of threatening flames and the brave firefighter is the only one who can help! In this exciting game, children from three years old have the opportunity to guide the hero on an aid mission that spans 50 different levels! Various opponents, but also unexpected allies, hidden gears and bonus points will be on their way to help or hinder their adventure.

Crossy Road

At Crossy Road, all kids can follow a “magic” route and earn points, as long as they don’t hit the obstacles! One of the most successful video games of recent years that is among the top skill games for kids from three years old!

Minion Rush

All kids love Minions and that’s no secret! That’s why small players can take the place of their beloved Minion and discover all the secret rooms in the master’s den, Gru! Another top choice in video games for the whole family, made for kids from seven years old and ‘bringing to life’ the ‘I, the Most Incredible’ world!

Super Party Sports: Football

This is not a simple football match, but a field party! Every child can take part in a special game for… crazy crazy guys! For kids from three years old, Super Party Sports: Football features 100 levels of fun, tactics and puzzles. Will the little boobies manage to lift the trophy?


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