Are you thinking only of summer leave? We too. But until the holidays, there are some other aspects that we need to consider. Yes, we know, rest leave, relaxation, total office delimitation. However, it is not. You always have to reply to an email, definite an excel, sent a presentation or concluded a project that does not require postponement.

Or you just want a new and easy laptop to put in your luggage without it being too heavy or taking up too much space. The laptops have become so light and thin that in a luggage it doesn’t even feel like they exist.

That’s why we think of you and come up with 5 ultrabook recommendations to make your choice much easier.

1. Laptop ACER Swift SF314-52-59F2 – budget laptop with high specifications  It is the ideal type of laptop to be carried in a hand luggage. With a 14 “diagonal, but with a high standard screen, Full HD resolution, the Acer Swift ultraportable is perfect for watching the latest episodes of your favorite series even on vacation, Full HD image quality will be a plus you won’t miss with a view.

With storage space of 256GB on SSD, the laptop can easily be transformed into an extra-work laptop, the SSD guaranteeing speed in the use of working applications such as Excel or PowerPoint.

 2. Laptop Acer Aspire S13 – Ultraportable ultraperformant at a reasonable price –

Do you enjoy working in a quiet cafe or summer park? The Acer Aspire laptop is the ideal solution for activities outside the home. Without a headache, without additional purchases, the 13.3 ″ laptop has Windows 10 pre-installed. You just bought it, you opened it and it can be used.

In addition to the ultraportable dimensions and the Windows 10 operating system, the technical specifications are also visible, both the visible ones, such as the Full HD screen and those under the keyboard, such as 256GB SSD, 8GB RAM and Intel Core i5 processor. it can run with a frequency up to 3.1 GHz. If you are adept at working with multiple files or programs, guaranteed it will not leave you “up”.

3. Apple MacBook Air Laptop – When Performance Meets Simplicity – Apple Smartphone? Already familiar with the gadgets offered to the world by the genius of Steve Jobs? It is clear that the perfect choice for the ultraportable is an Apple MacBook Air. Today we recommend the MacBook Air mqd32ro / 1, a device that will impress you with its finesse. From the aspect point of view, everything, but absolutely everything was achieved to the highest standards. And when the standard is raised and the final execution is tailor-made.

MacBook Air has top specifications, worthy of its appearance. A 13.3 ″ diagonal screen that delivers stunning images thanks to the Intel HD Graphics 6000 graphics processor. The 128GB hard disk drive is enough for a modern user to watch the latest app releases like Netflix or HBO GO.

Obviously, as an Apple lover, maybe for you the strength of this ultrabook is its own operating system, macOS Sierra.

4. Ultrabook Asus ZenBook UX391UA-EG006T – ultrabook with premium design and specifications –

Are you still looking for an ultrabook in the premium range, but do you want something with a common operating system? We have for you two recommendations more than inspired. We begin with the ultrabook ASUS ZenBook, a device that boasts not only superior technical specifications, but also flawless design, will be a delight every use. However, because you are not working with the design of the laptop, it stands out by software and hardware specifications such as Microsoft Windows 10 operating system, 256GB SSD, 8GB RAM, Intel UHD Graphics 620 video card and Intel Core i7 processor. can run with a frequency up to 4 GHz. The laptop screen meets high standards, with a 13.3 ″ diagonal and Full HD playback resolution.

5. Ultrabook ASUS ZenBook 3 – Ultra portable, ultrapremium

Do you want an ultra-high-performance ultrabook ideal for business trips, but also for your vacation in a few days? With a simple click hereyou will discover the ideal solution for you. Asus ZenBook 3 is an ultraportable that has extremely high standards in all aspects, design, technical specifications, portability. It is so thin that at first glance it seems very fragile, but it is built to withstand many trips, to be used on the beach or on the plane to the next destination. The casing is bluish in color, offering an aspect that cannot be overlooked. The exterior beauty is complemented by the hardware side, where you will find an SSD with huge storage space, 512GB, an ultra-efficient Intel i7 processor and 8GB RAM. Want more details on this ultra-powerful ultrabook?

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