Top 5 Tips for Healthy Weight Loss

Losing weight is not just about what we eat, as evidence that today’s media abounds with diets and miraculous solutions to quickly lose extra pounds … but obesity is on the rise, as a true epidemic, both among adults and among the children. That’s for the simple reason that diet is just a piece of a much larger puzzle called a lifestyle.

Any diet will work and give results as long as it is adhered to, as no diet will work in the long run as long as the dietary habits (and not only) that led to fattening will be resumed the day after the diet is completed.

So, here are 5 of the most important tips for a healthy life, with or without diet!


1. Don’t starve!

If you do not eat anything throughout the day, the risk is that you will become extremely hungry in the evening and devour everything you find at hand or in the fridge. So the wisest thing is to eat during the day, so you can keep the diet in the evening.

Choose to eat the 3 main meals at regular time intervals. Respect as much as possible the same time interval for breakfast, lunch and especially dinner. Choose to eat breakfast until 10.00, lunch until 15.00 and dinner no later than 20.00.

It is important to eat everything that is more consistent and caloric in the first part of the day. Do not give your body excess food in the evening, because it has no way to consume it, but deposits it overnight in the form of fat.

2. Do not roast anything between meals!

Perhaps the most expensive food habit that inevitably leads to fattening is to always grill something between meals or instead of main meals.

I suspect that you often hear overweight people claim that they eat nothing all day long and still get fat … personally I came to give them justice! That’s right, most overweight people eat nothing more than what it means to be quality, tasty, and nutritionally correct food, but they choose to roam more and more on the run, without sitting down to a meal, without really nourishing their body and brain.

Picking between meals costs us a lot of calories, without providing us with the nutrients our body really needs. If it happens that two main meals are removed more than 5 hours, then it is good to have a snack, but not on the run, not picking from a bag of biscuits or sausages, but choosing fresh fruit, skimmed yogurt or a hand of nuts.

3. Drink enough water!

Many of us forget to drink water or, worse, replace it with carbonated juices or fruit juices and consider it sufficient to drink when we are thirsty. Unfortunately, when the feeling of thirst settles, we are already quite dehydrated.

Often hunger is confused with thirst and we often eat (usually fruit) thirst and not hunger. Hydration is not a nutritionist’s fad. Water helps to lose weight because it prolongs the feeling of satiety, regulates the transit, helps to eliminate toxins and fight fatigue more efficiently than coffee or sweets.

The human body needs at least 25 ml of water per kilogram body. Drink water regularly throughout the day and especially when you have intellectually demanding activities, because the brain needs more hydration to work efficiently than coffee or something sweet!

4. Walk Further!

Movement is essential for a healthy life. Whether we want to lose weight, whether we want to maintain or simply have a healthy lifestyle, it is recommended to burn at least 200 Calories per day by moving.

Movement helps maintain physical and mental tone, helps eliminate toxins from the body, regulates intestinal transit, and helps maintain cardiovascular health. Movement deserves to be part of our lifestyle as a form of periodic hygiene.

It is important to choose the movement we like and practice it constantly. No need to put your soul on the treadmill, it is enough to walk a minimum of 5,000 steps daily.

5. Keep a journal!

Record for a week everything you eat, drink or snack and how you move (the steps you take daily, with the help of a pedometer). Read the labels of packaged foods you consume and calculate your calories from snacks.

Filling a food diary will help you understand and become aware of where you are fooling yourself with the food choices you make. It will also help you to discipline yourself, to follow you and to adjust your diet and movement plan on the go, for visible results without superhuman efforts!

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