Top 6 Mistakes of New Online Businesses

Observing international online businesses over the last ten years

with many freelancers, bloggers, and many new entrepreneurs, I have decided to list the most common mistakes I find for most who decide to start their own online store.

It does not matter the type of business or category it belongs to, nor the budget it starts with, but the decisions that are made,  most of the time under pressure .

1. Time is money, but not the way you think it is!

Since 2008 I have had the chance to meet and discuss with many new and old entrepreneurs, some of whom I have consulted or managed their project as if it were mine, completely organizing all the moves that need to be made to achieve the goals.

The most common mistake that is almost always detected is the lack of time! It takes time to properly organize your project. To create a profitable online store you need to be well organized, thoughtful, with quality content. To do all this, it takes time for you and the web design company to take over the development of your online store.

There were few times when new entrepreneurs, in order to save time, asked for the final cost either by phone or in the first minutes of our meeting. It’s good to know the price range beforehand.

Study your project, organize it properly to create solid foundations. Your website is the showcase of your Internet business. Thousands more people will visit it than your company offices or stores.

If you don’t devote time to the first stage, you’ll need to spend multiple time and extra money on strategy change, rebuilding your website, your search engine and social media campaigns.

2. Cost-based selection only

Bad news for you … but not all websites are the same. Most of the time the differences are huge and you need to take the time to study the companies you want to visit to bid. If you are looking for a cheap website you will find endless options, but the result may not be what you had envisioned.

If you are looking for a company to professionally design your website, dedicate time to understanding your project and your goals, it will surely cost you more money, but you will feel more confident as you will be able to invite their customers and tell you if they are happy with the service they provided.

Don’t just choose on a cost basis, even the “best” web designers have great differences in the quality of deliverables and the way they handle projects.

3. Communication in the wrong channels

There are so many social media and ways to reach out to your target group to generate extra sales. If you have decided to handle it yourself, study your audience, the way it behaves and the channels it uses, because as we said above, time is money and you do not want to devote it to the wrong place, because the result you will get it will be completely different from what you had imagined.

Initially consulting and establishing contact bases, I always recommend that an agency do this with qualified professionals and along the way, if you have the time and are familiar with the new technologies, you can get yourself fed up with new information.

4. The wrong influence is a disaster …

At the beginning of your activities it seems that everyone has an opinion! Each employee, your relatives and friends communicate their point of view. I know they are people who want your good, but you don’t need to be influenced by all of them. You don’t have to constantly change your marketing plan to enrich it with the ideas of those around you.

Trust the company you are paying to create your marketing plans. If along the way the goals set by the team and you have not been achieved, discuss and analyze the reasons. Talk to professionals who can prove their web experience to enlighten you.

5. Get inspired by the competition, don’t copy it!

Every company has a different know-how and handles the opportunities given to them differently. Copying the first one will always be the second. By copying the first one you run the risk of any strategic change of plans made by the competitor, to become a meteor and to destroy the building you create.

Build your own strategy, with your own culture and personal style.

6. Don’t forget to measure the result!

When investing money in marketing and advertising you should also know the outcome that you are returning. Here at Netstudio we train our customers to be able to draw on all the information provided by Google Analytics and Facebook Insights so they can know at any time which channel and how to promote it is most effective.

Remember that proper preparation, organization and selection of the right people to make up your team are key to any successful project!

And for you colleagues from other web design companies reading this article, keep in mind that successful projects will make you stand out. Do not be afraid to say your point of view, do not hesitate to refuse a project if you really think the chances of it succeeding are minimal.

Just do your best to get the best result!

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